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This past Fall class in Visual Language-Drawing I was treated like crap by the instructor. FVCC did nothing to stop or correct it so federal charges were filed against them.

I was getting along I thought well with the instructor. All my assignments were being completed and I was receiving A's on them. Then she started to talk about me to other students during class. She told another student, which I heard that she doesn't like that I call her ma'am. Her words words, "I hate it when he calls me ma'am, I'm not a ma'am, my mom is." This caught me off guard because I never meant any disrespect by calling her that. I was raised on calling people ma'am and sir. The military also had a large factor instilling that into my morals and the way I address a person.

She gave out mid-term grades and I received a B. She stated that I needed to learn to take constructive criticism and follow instructions better. The problem with this is that I never in my life have had a problem taking a person's advice (constructive criticism) and this is the first I have ever been told that. The second problem I had was that she made it extremely hard to follow her instructions. She constantly gave instructions in piece meal form. She would constantly change the instructions while you're doing the assignment. So I ripped the paper up, packed my things and quietly left her room. That was my way of giving her "constructive criticism" of what I thought about the grade she gave me.

I sent a email to the person that handles the disability at FVCC requesting her help. She was given documentations of my disabilities and the right to any doctor information that I'm under the care of. I made a simple request that she have the art instructor write the instructions down for assignments she gives me. I thought it was a reasonable request but it ended up falling on deaf ears. She did nothing for me and this isn't the first time I sought her help and got none.

I went to my next art class and was met with her telling me, " The mature thing to do is to talk about your grade if you have a problem with it." So here I am in the middle of the classroom being lectured on what she thinks I should of done to be mature. I ignored her and went to my work station thinking that I thought I had did things right. She told me I had a problem with following directions so I sought out help to address that. As far as me not taking her constructive criticism, she was full of it. I had asked her advice and help on every assignment she gave when I got stuck. I don't remember one time that I didn't take her suggestion and implement it. (Documented and provable) I stayed to myself, did the assignment and left for the day when class was over.

The next time I went to class I was met with another rude comment by her. "If you hate me so much drop the class." I couldn't believe what I just heard. I had said nothing to her or anyone and just stayed to myself. I started recording the instructions on assignments that she gave since I never receive a reply from the person that handles disabilities at FVCC. I continued to stay to myself and doing the assignments not bothering anyone.

The next time in class the instructor told us, "anyone that is done with their assignment can go to a classroom three doors down on the left. I have a display set up and you can start drawing that." So I went down there and seen another student from the class there. I got my stuff out and started drawing the display. About 20 minutes later the instructor walk in. She went to the other student and whispered something to him. He got his things and left with the teacher. Something just didn't seem right on what happened and it bothered me. After about five minutes I got my things together and went back to the other classroom. I couldn't believe it, she was in the middle of giving instructions on another assignment. She purposely acted like a child and didn't tell me at the same time as the other student to go back to class. She actually went out of her way to whisper so I wouldn't hear what she told the other student. This is when I believe I file the complaint with the OCR.

Things just gotten worse with her. She treated me as if I wasn't there, never reviewing my drawings like she did other students or offering advice. I'm thinking to myself that I paid for this class and she is refusing to treat me like the other students. I continued to record her actions along with instructions that she had given for assignments including the final exam. Class after class I do my assignments and stay to myself, while she ignores me and my work.

There was two parts to the final exam. One was to take pictures of other peoples work, critique them and send it to the class email. It was similar to what I had to do in ceramics class so it wasn't no problem doing that. The second was to pick out three things from a table. A picture of a sign, a word and a random picture. The day of the exam I started doing my drawing assignment when they started using arousal spray by where I was working. This happen pretty frequently so I packed my things up and went into a empty classroom to do my work. You see people I only have 45% usage of my heart, which the person that handles disabilities should have told her. No mask was offered to me so I didn't make a fuss but just went into another room. The delay of packing things up and relocating caused me to run a little late. I informed the instructor that I had a Doctor's appointment to be at and I'll come back and finish in a hour. She didn't say a word to me and I left. I came back finished my exam and displayed it on the board as instructed.

On Christmas I look at the grade I received and she gave me a C. So I thought to myself; she made rude, childish comments to me and went out of her way of denying me the same education as others. She acted immature with the comments she made toward me, refused to treat me like other students and she had the nerve to give me a C destroying my GPA. So I gave the information to the lady handling my federal complaint and I also wrote a complaint using the school complaint policy that I previously found was useless. As I expected the school refused to except the complaint that I filed saying that I didn't follow their procedures. This was completely untrue because I did follow their procedures. In truth I knew that FVCC wasn't going to do nothing about what I went through. I formed an opinion from a previous complaint that I filed against another instructor, which I'll tell you about also. My opinion was that FVCC doesn't really give a care about addressing poor instructors behavior. They will take the information that you give them and use it to cover-up the events that took place. This taught me to record events so they can be used by another organization from the state or feds as evidence.

I suggest that anyone that has a complaint at FVCC to have a witness and record it. Get federal, state and other agencies involved in your complaint right away.

Something nice:
I was suggested since I feel that the people that handle disabilities at FVCC weren't helping me to approach the teachers myself. To show them medical documents and ask them if the could provide reasonable accommodations for me. The great amount of them were extremely nice and accommodating. I did everything and in some cases even more than what other students did. I mention that because I didn't mind the extra work but was very appreciative of the Professors that was understanding and did that for me. Thank you

You'll won't believe the next one I tell you. It happen in my fictional writing class. FVCC violated so many civil right laws and FVCC policies but they just ignored it.

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