Bareroot & Pots of Norway Maples, Assorted Sizes, Prices $5-$195 - $30 (Hungry Horse)

Bareroot & Pots of Norway Maples, Assorted Sizes, Prices $5-$195 1 thumbnailBareroot & Pots of Norway Maples, Assorted Sizes, Prices $5-$195 2 thumbnailBareroot & Pots of Norway Maples, Assorted Sizes, Prices $5-$195 3 thumbnail
NOTE: Last photo shows tree of the same parentage in its fall colors; seedlings for sale are not yet in full leaf, and will put on rapid new growth this summer. Sizes and prices listed below.

Trees are just now coming out of dormancy and will transplant with low stress.

Yard beauty and shade or economical means of lining a driveway or property line with natural beauty.

Leaves are green to maroon in spring, green through the summer, and range from brilliant yellow to beautiful orangey and russet gold in the fall.

Very hardy for our climate, good thrivers. May be tapped like sugar maples when mature. These are the same type of maples sold in our local nurseries.

BARE ROOT: Approx 26 saplings, 3 1/2' - 11' in-the-ground (bare root). These take transplanting as well as or better than from a pot. $25 to $100 each. (Approx $10/foot.) Call for availability if you are looking for a particular size.

POTS (examples--call for exact availability as season progresses) 1 - 6 seedlings/saplings/pot. Multiples are best separated while dormant and then individually planted:

Large pot of six saplings up to 6 feet tall, $195. Includes one sapling with maroon leaves in the spring.
Large pot of about four small saplings up to 3 1/2 feet tall, $75.
Pot of three, 4'-5' tall, $95.
Pot of six, 2 1/2' - 3' tall, $95.
Pots with approx. ten-fifteen 5"-10" seedlings per pot, $20 each pot.
Pots of 5 seedlings, also $20 each.
Individual 1', 2-2 1/2', or 6' in pots, one each of 1' and 6', five pots of 2', $10, $20, and $50.
Other combinations may be available.

Smaller maple seedlings are great size and flexibility for bonzai tree artistry and some already have unique curves and twists.

Once in the ground, all of these will put on vigorous new growth this year.

Hardy to Zone 3, and these are one of the faster growing maple varieties.

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